Saturday, July 28, 2007

State of the Garden

To start my log I want to describe the state of the garden as it is. Later I can go back and add the history. I've got good photos for that.

My garden is made of six 8x4 foot beds. The photo is facing north so the west bed is on the left. It contains big boi tomatoes and sweet basil in the north bed (1W), roma tomatoes and grape tomatoes, plus more basil in the middle bed (2W) plus a few small pepper plants that didn't do well. And the south bed (3W) contains leaf lettuce, echinacea, chamomile, fennel, and dill. I've got marigolds throughout the garden as a pest deterrent. Also, I had some volunteer canteloupe vines from the compost pile that I let run wild, mainly in 2W and 1W.

The east bed is nearer the house and doesn't get quite as much sun. I've got bush beans in the north end (1E) and I'm mulching the rest of the bed with hay. I just pulled out zucchini and cucumbers. The middle bed (2E) is also mulched with hay. It had cucumbers and yellow squash. The south bed has carrots and onions, and some volunteers peppers and butternut squash that did not pan out.

Very soon I'm going to be ripping out the canteloupe and peppers. The former are done and the latter never got going. That's the general layout of the garden. I can review bed by bed in later posts.

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