Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spring 2012: A New Beginning

It isn't that I didn't have a garden last year. I just got lazy with the blog. Last year was characterized by low yields and high attrition. The vine borers wiped out all of my squash, cucurbits, and musk melons.

I finally built a cold frame and overwintered bell peppers and sprouted many tomatoes and hot peppers, as well as a few squash. I also had a cauliflower and broccoli that were suppressed all summer by leaf-eaters and delivered surprise yields in winter.

I'm going to try to post regularly and not try to be as comprehensive this year. I think the reason I neglected the blog is because I always tried to post huge, epic descriptions. I'll be more brief. Some things to detail: my experiments with biochar, my expanded composting/leaf molding, sprouts from seed, new strategy for the vine borers and targeted planting. Maybe more.

Here is a start:
Broccoli gone wild. Florets become blossoms if you let them.
This is what broccoli looks like a week after you should have picked it. This plant has a thick, healthy root and multiple heads. If I can keep the leaves from being devoured, I may get a summer crop.

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